Talking Tech and AI with Google CEO Sundar Pichai!

Talking tech and AI on the heels of Google I/O. Also a daily driver phone reveal from Google's CEO. Shoutout to Sundar!

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  • This the boss of the privacy thieves?

    Christian Nino Patrick AbitChristian Nino Patrick Abit3 timmar sedan
  • IDK why Marques was so nervous!

    Vaibhav TomarVaibhav Tomar8 timmar sedan
  • Why is so satisfying to watch smart people talking? 🤔

    MUSIC & FOODMUSIC & FOOD9 timmar sedan
  • Tamilan

    Roshan 25Roshan 259 timmar sedan
  • Such a down to earth person. 👍

    Deve10per BITSDeve10per BITS16 timmar sedan
  • Proud to be an indian

    Nick trixsNick trixs17 timmar sedan
  • He really talks like a typical Indian Mathematics/Science teacher

    Ishika HereIshika Here17 timmar sedan
  • "which phone do you have?" Me thinking - What if he pulls out iPhone , What will be the reaction haha

    Ishika HereIshika Here17 timmar sedan
  • hilarious - subtitles for the ceo of google

    admin omhfozadmin omhfoz19 timmar sedan
  • Know.edge, health, success, happiness. Perhaps they should have added morality, truth, honesty.

    Snow LeopardSnow Leopard20 timmar sedan
  • Tamikanda

    sksk22 timmar sedan
  • Sundar pichai is from Tamil Nadu And me also from Tamil Nadu If you're Tamil Give a like

    Get info TamilGet info Tamil23 timmar sedan
  • Imagine if Mr.Sundar pulled out a Nokia 110 from his pocket....

    AJITH P.JAJITH P.JDag sedan
  • 7:57 the way he answered smoothly is one of the reason to be ceo of Google....when the same question asked me I will become panic to say that I used only pixel mobile even though I used only iphone 😂

    Ashok ReddyAshok ReddyDag sedan
  • Proud Indian 🔥♥️

    Dishu PanwerDishu PanwerDag sedan
  • omg he knows everything about what he's doing

    rahul yadavrahul yadavDag sedan
  • The only thing about this video that sucked: it was waaay to short. Please longer interviews 🙏

    Richard AveryRichard AveryDag sedan
  • This was so cool. Mkbhd is using his clout right....

    Richard AveryRichard AveryDag sedan
  • Tamilan

    Mokka CommentryMokka CommentryDag sedan
  • I feel MB is different in this interview ......!

    Devawrat VidhateDevawrat VidhateDag sedan

  • Google ceo is trash

    I’m CoolI’m CoolDag sedan
    • no wonder Google is also trash because of him.

      Aditya SinhaAditya SinhaDag sedan
  • Other companies deatile want search in google if you understand the caption 😂😂😂LOL.

    Gokul CreationGokul CreationDag sedan

    Thala IshanthThala IshanthDag sedan
  • Does anybody noticed, Marques had not pronounced correctly name of Sundar Pichai

    Dhananjay KushwahaDhananjay KushwahaDag sedan
    • that is very respectful of marques

      Aditya SinhaAditya SinhaDag sedan
  • 4:00 Agree

    ElonX ImperatorElonX ImperatorDag sedan
  • Hopefully Google make more technology

    Daveed WellsDaveed Wells2 dagar sedan
  • He right that s 21 ultra is great

    Daveed WellsDaveed Wells2 dagar sedan
  • This is a good talk 👍👊

    Daveed WellsDaveed Wells2 dagar sedan
  • Google a good company they just not popular like apple and Samsung

    Daveed WellsDaveed Wells2 dagar sedan
  • Google should make a watch

    Daveed WellsDaveed Wells2 dagar sedan
  • Indian Accent and Indian Head Moments are always with us Indians No Matter who we are where we go 😂

    Naveen AhujaNaveen Ahuja2 dagar sedan
  • Why do CEOs meet this guy but never have time to speak to their employees and their problems ?

    No LimitsNo Limits2 dagar sedan
    • because money is the thing they are after.

      Aditya SinhaAditya SinhaDag sedan
  • Sunder pichi is Tamil Nadu guy IAM from Tamil Nadu, and tech SEslowr of Tamil Nadu

    Tech boy DeepanTech boy Deepan2 dagar sedan
  • The messy archeology prominently inform because weather immunocytochemically squeal mid a tricky chord. stormy, righteous wind

    Hadi AbbasHadi Abbas2 dagar sedan
  • I proud of sundar pichai is tamilan

    BOT-O- MATICBOT-O- MATIC2 dagar sedan
  • Feature AI Maximum Problem varum

    Karthick RajaKarthick Raja2 dagar sedan
  • tamilan da🔥🔥🔥

    Manikanda Prabhu sManikanda Prabhu s2 dagar sedan
  • தமிழன்டா !😎

    Dhinakaran SDhinakaran S2 dagar sedan
  • Guy interviewing Google CEO wearing a apple watch 👌🏻

    Shantanu MawaleShantanu Mawale2 dagar sedan
  • நம்ம பசங்க யாராவது இருக்கிறீங்களா???😁😁

    shiyam jshiyam j3 dagar sedan
  • indians everywhere i love it in fact Sundar everywhere i love it even more

    HybRidHybRid3 dagar sedan
    • @Aditya Sinha lol agreed

      HybRidHybRidDag sedan
    • India has Crossed limits of overpopulation. why would you not see them everywhere? imagine a water tank capacity 500 ltr. but 500000 water poured into that, won't you see water everywhere?

      Aditya SinhaAditya SinhaDag sedan
  • I wonder who is coming next....

    Hri DoyHri Doy3 dagar sedan
  • I'm having a problem with pie write now 😸😁

    Jason WittsJason Witts3 dagar sedan
  • OnePlus may be🔥

    Cute Cat CloudsCute Cat Clouds3 dagar sedan
  • தமிழன்டா❤❤❤💥💥💥 சுந்தர் பிச்சை. U are such an inspiration for many youngsters, Genius. Humble Human being unlike Bill Gates.

    1620- Raghavendran M.K1620- Raghavendran M.K3 dagar sedan
  • Pichai Sir has no ego.. That's the reason of his pursue in his life.

    SOUBHIK GHOSH. Roll-8.SOUBHIK GHOSH. Roll-8.3 dagar sedan

    Divyam DograDivyam Dogra3 dagar sedan
  • Tamilan speaks !

  • You've come a long way my friend.

    BrewergamerBrewergamer3 dagar sedan
  • I'm proud to be tamizhan 😎

    Samuel .BSamuel .B3 dagar sedan
    • Everyone talking about his religion but first he is Indian

      RutwikRutwik2 dagar sedan
  • தமிழன்

    just relax. Vickyjust relax. Vicky4 dagar sedan
  • Love it!

    GHennyGHenny4 dagar sedan
  • Inspiration of all the Indians here. Love you sir ❤️

    Siddhartha UpadhyaySiddhartha Upadhyay4 dagar sedan
  • I've been following tech for awhile, how I could miss this channel!!! Amazing stuff, dude!

    Alexandre da Silva CavalcanteAlexandre da Silva Cavalcante4 dagar sedan
  • One question should have asked , actually when next pixel will come to India😝

    Ayush PandeyAyush Pandey4 dagar sedan
  • he's very cerebral and raw, he doesn't work in superficial glitters, he's the real one.

    Harshvardhan JhaHarshvardhan Jha4 dagar sedan
    • lol

      Gautham PracharyaGautham PracharyaDag sedan
  • He is not well. Maybe cancer???

    truthtruth4 dagar sedan
  • ayya dharma prabhu neenga yenga inga

    # include# include4 dagar sedan
  • Sundar didn't want to pull out his phone, because its probably the next pixel device.

    Kawser LatifKawser Latif4 dagar sedan
  • After video deepfake, we are going to have voice deepfake. Adult video industry will develop it to perfection, and then social media and politics will transform it into a weapon of mass destruction.

    Alessandro FilippiAlessandro Filippi4 dagar sedan
  • Can we have playlist of playlist on youtube ? A lot educators on youtube want to leverage this connecting topics with sub topics type of things.

    Jainil VoraJainil Vora4 dagar sedan
  • All top executives must learn from his humble, loving, humane approach, as life, position, power are only short lived and people solving problems through heart' more than the brain win every body's heart or even more steal their hearts forever.. But sundar one step ahead. great tamilan எங்கள் தமிழ் இனத்தின் பெருமை ஐயா சுந்தர்பிச்சை வாழ்க

    ꧁༺༒Happy Days Production MADURAI༒༻꧂꧁༺༒Happy Days Production MADURAI༒༻꧂4 dagar sedan
    • learn from Steve Jobs not from trash Pichai.

      Aditya SinhaAditya SinhaDag sedan
  • I love this

    Hangout BanglaHangout Bangla4 dagar sedan
  • Block chain technology is gonna white wash everything

    Scenic SpotterScenic Spotter4 dagar sedan
  • Great interview!

    triassic911triassic9114 dagar sedan
  • Sundar was probably like “that’s it?”

    YouTube305YouTube3054 dagar sedan
  • For your assistance "Sundar" means Beautiful

    Red_Red_4 dagar sedan
  • I left apple in 2019 because of this guy. He’s a sneaky man. Yes, want to stay private, stay off the internet. But this man has lied and mislead about privacy issues for years. Now doing so with China. Lol. Maybe explains why the only Google has done outstanding is yours, is just buy other companies.

    Exo CrownExo Crown5 dagar sedan
  • Proud to be indian

    60FPS Status60FPS Status5 dagar sedan
    • I'm not proud. sundar never gave me taxes.

      Aditya SinhaAditya SinhaDag sedan
  • What to do if SEslow remove your page because of violation ??

    Dex MediaDex Media5 dagar sedan
  • Marquez is killing it love him

    NikNik5 dagar sedan
  • 🇮🇳❤️

    21st Century Entertainment21st Century Entertainment5 dagar sedan
  • Credit to Video Editors for adding cool motion graphics in this Video 😍

    The Vegetarian CoupleThe Vegetarian Couple5 dagar sedan
  • You really need to look at other hardware companies like Qualcomm and other software companies like apple or Microsoft to make the future of your own company less vague. He said he'd focus on AI and practicality, but the potential is either expanded/limited by other companies. You help everyone look at everyone's perspective, and that could provide inspiration/expansion to other companies. Thank you. You help tech evolve in your own unique way👍

    Mistro TechMistro Tech5 dagar sedan
  • Lmao when he said sun-daar 😂

    Charan ReddyCharan Reddy5 dagar sedan
  • Thanks

    Meherpur TalentsMeherpur Talents5 dagar sedan
  • Marques has a hard time making eye contact with the guests in all the interview.. keep it together man.. you got this..if you feel weird to look on others eyes try to focus between the eyebrows.. Idk why bothers me..but still it does bothers me :)

    ananthu mohanananthu mohan5 dagar sedan
    • uP

      ADee SHuPAADee SHuPA4 dagar sedan
  • Sundar is a pinnacle of tech world. Marques.. you r lucky to interview the CEO of Google.

    Ramakrishna GRamakrishna G5 dagar sedan
  • when is google going to make another glasses becuase outside is so bright i need to turn down the brightness.They better make it fast

    Ibrar JanIbrar Jan5 dagar sedan
  • So much things Marques hold to say at this moment

    Keturunan RothschildKeturunan Rothschild5 dagar sedan
  • Sundar pichai 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Criminal ffCriminal ff5 dagar sedan
  • Its amazing to see an Indian as the Google's CEO

    AdithAdith5 dagar sedan
  • Blessed to be witnessing technology evolution from Visionary people like Marques & Sundar!

    Willing TanWilling Tan5 dagar sedan
  • Stop saying that he is from Tamil. Say he is from INDIA. 😔

    Adarsh PoojaryAdarsh Poojary5 dagar sedan
  • Your an inspiration for Tamils world wide . Proud of u man . Proud Tamil .

    Cj AkashCj Akash5 dagar sedan
    • Pride for all Indians not just Tamils

      sunil rksunil rk3 dagar sedan
    • @life's good not just*

      Abhijith PrasanthAbhijith Prasanth3 dagar sedan
    • Not for tamil but for the whole Bharat🇮🇳❤

      life's goodlife's good4 dagar sedan
  • Seems being a ceo of big tech companies still have no Ego.

    Aditya DhanrajAditya Dhanraj5 dagar sedan
  • Jai Hind ❤

    DHANENDRA SahuDHANENDRA Sahu5 dagar sedan
  • talking tech with Edward Snowden please :-)

    sanakiyamam1987sanakiyamam19875 dagar sedan
  • That’s the goto guy for us Indians during online arguments.

    SkillChargedSkillCharged6 dagar sedan
    • why waste time on online arguements

      Ayush ChaturvediAyush Chaturvedi5 dagar sedan
  • Hello guys, Who Knows about Crypto ? Can I get a Personal Tutor on Bitcoin , I don't mind paying to learn

    Bridger GiroirBridger Giroir6 dagar sedan
  • This is such an awesome chat... way to go @marques, love how the questions are deeper and well constructed, as opposed to questions that hit all the buzz words.. also shoutout to the off camera team, the graphics and angles are all awesome !!

    Ameya DeshpandeAmeya Deshpande6 dagar sedan
  • Interesting! Informative! Thanks

    Markis CouchMarkis Couch6 dagar sedan
  • Just an ordinary conversation between a boss and an employee, love it!

    Max SchoonMax Schoon6 dagar sedan
  • He is tamil guy from tamil nadu,India🇮🇳 Be proud to nation❤✨

    VoldyNetXVoldyNetX6 dagar sedan
    • @MURUGESHWARAN V grow up

      Ayush ChaturvediAyush Chaturvedi2 dagar sedan
    • @Ayush Chaturvedi burnol

    • bro we have enough of these cringy comments..please stop

      Ayush ChaturvediAyush Chaturvedi5 dagar sedan
  • Name of the intro music anyone

    Shibam ChhetryShibam Chhetry6 dagar sedan
  • Unskippable ads for this video …….!

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  • Tamilan 🔥❤️

    DJ SimeyonDJ Simeyon6 dagar sedan
  • Sundar is the man who pays Marquez😂

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  • Tamizhanda